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Entering the last act of the final season of LOST

The time has come, and unfortunately for us time is not a relative term in real life, for the last 5 new episodes of LOST ever to grace our screens. 

My favorite S6 episodes (so far) from "worst" to "best":

 I'll start this post off with this season's episodes in order of my least favorite to favorite. But let me say this, I LOVE this season, the "worst" episode is still mind blowingly amazing, this is not meant to denounce any of the episodes.


What We Learned: 1. How Dogan became temple leader 2. Dogan was keeping Smokie outside of the temple

Best Scene: The whole last act with Smokie reeking havoc on the Temple

"LA X"

What We Learned: 1. More explicit explanation of Flocke being the smoke monster 2. The aftermath of Jughead's detonation/the incident 3. Illana and co. were Jacob's bodyguards 4. What was in the guitar case 5. Where Cindy, Zack, and Emma ended up staying for 3 years 6. How Ben was revived in the Temple

Best Scene: Smokie explaining to Ben what the last thoughts that ran through John Locke's head were.

"Ab Aterno"

What We Learned: 1. Richard was brought to the island by Mangus Hanso as a slave on the Black Rock 2. The Black Rock was in a huge storm that crashed it through the Tawrett Statue, breaking it, and was carried a good mile inland. 3. Richard's history with the man in black 4. How Richard ended up as an adviser between Jacob and the people on the island 5. Why Richard does not age

Best Scene: The final scene between Jacob and the Man in Black

"What Kate Does"

What We Learned: 1. The "love triangle" is DONESKIES 2. James was going to ask Juliet to marry him 3. The explanation of "the sickness" aka becoming claimed by the smoke monster 4. We see Claire again on island

Best Scene: TIE: 1. Kate and Sawyer on the dock 2. Jack and Dogan's scene in the end, one of Jack's most badass moments of the series

 "The Package"

What We Learned: 1. Why Jin was telling Sun to button up her shirt 2. There are 3 special electromagnetic pockets of energy on the island 3. Jin is important to both Charles Widmore and the Smoke Monster 4. Zoey is a Geophysicist 5. That Charles brought Desmond back to the island 6. Why Jin was bringing the package to LA 7. Sun has officially forgiven Jack for loosing her husband 8. Richard wants to keep Smokie on the island by destroying Ajira 316 9. Kate and Claire are not candidates but are still needed by Smokie, Kate is important to attract the other candidates. 10. Jin finally sees what Ji Yeon looks like

Best Scene: Sorry ladies, Sun unbuttoning her blouse takes the cake :-)

"Everybody Loves Hugo"

What We Learned: 1. Looks like the people on the outrigger that shoots at Daniel Faraday's outrigger group are Richard, Miles, and Ben. 2. The whispers are manifestations of the dead who's soul cannot move on from this life because of the bad they have done in life 3. There are more than one well on the island 4. Hurley destroys the Black Rock (Oh noes!) 5. Once you have fulfilled your destiny, and the island does not need you anymore, yousagunnadie.

Best Scene: TIE: 1. Hurley and Libby's date 2. the scenes with Desmond, Smoke, and Sayid

"The Substitute"

What We Learned: 1. VERY explicit explanation that John = Smokie 2. We learn about the candidates and the cliff side cave 3. The Numbers represent the remaining candidates 4. Hurley's manager at Mr. Cluck's ends up working as John Locke's manager at the box company

Best Scene: Smokie CAM!

"Dr. Linus"

What We Learned: 1. We finally see that Jack cannot die, by extension I think this explains that Sawyer cannot die either 2. Jacob was the closest thing Ilana has had to a father 3. Smokie is planning something on Hydra island 4. Charles Widmore finally makes it back to the island!!

Best Scene: Jack and Richard in front of the dynamite in the Black Rock.


What We Learned: 1. The rest of the Ajira 316 passengers were killed 2. Charles' group set up shop on hydra island and brought along some sonar pylons 3. Smokie had a crazy mother long ago 3. Sayid does not care if Kate lives or dies 4. Sawyer is trying to protect himself and the people he cares about from the coming war 5. Sawyer plans on leaving the island on the sub

Best Scene: Claire trying to kill Kate then getting backhanded by Smokie


What We Learned: 1. The candidates have been overseen by Jacob their whole lives 2. There is a huge lighthouse on the island 3. Where Shanon's' inhalers were all along 4. There is a secret exit point in the Temple 5. Claire is crazy

Best Scene: TIE: 1. Jack hearing his voice mail to David 2. Jacob explaining to Hurley that he is trying to allow Jack to find his destiny without having to spell it out for him. 3. The whole trek from the Temple to the Lighthouse between Hurley and Jack

"Happily Ever After"

What We Learned: 1. The two timelines are starting to bleed together or at least people in one reality can see flashes of the other 2. Desmond is the key to everything 3. Charles came back to have Desmond destroy the other two pockets of EM energy on the island 4. Desmond does not care who he goes along with as long as he fulfills his sacrifice 5. Eloise and Charles know at least something about the fact that there are multiple timelines and Eloise keeps trying to keep Desmond away from Penny.

Best Scene: The whole teaser is awesome.

Overview of Season 6 so far:

Jughead supposedly goes off and causes time to split. 

The original losties from 1977 return to 2007 right after Jacob is killed. 

 (Kate can't hear because of the blast from Jughead) 

The "sideways" world goes on from the new time line in 1977, the swan station is never built because in a large endothermic reaction the energy from the hydrogen bomb blast negated the native pocket of energy under the construction site. Or so it seems...looks like the island gets sucked into the ocean (perhaps releasing the smoke monster onto the world?) probably by the energy that Daniel Faraday thought would be completely negated with the detonation of the hydrogen bomb. The energy was most likely reduced but not negated, slowly the energy must have sunk the island, or something similar had to happen within enough time to allow Ben and his father to get off. Since the swan station was never built and the island is underwater, Oceanic 815 lands safely in LA on September 22, 2004.

(This will hopefully tie into the end of the series)

Lets go through the sideways storyline first:
Ill do this by character and just put out the main points.

Boone Carlyle:

Still goes to Australia to save Shannon from a Douche boyfriend, and also again is a bitch in the situation. Only difference is this time he does not have Shannon come with him on the plane back to LA. Do they still have that night together? Did they and that's why she is still in Australia? Did it never happen? Hopefully we will see a point to him returning.

Kate Austen:

Still a fugitive for murder, but seems to like it more. She meets Claire and offers advice as to Claire being the one who should raise Aaron. We later see that she again is running from the cops but more on that in a sec.

Claire Littleton:

Goes to LA to meet the parents that are adopting her baby. She and Kate go to see them but they dont want the baby anymore. Claire has contractions and Kate takes her to the hospital.

Ethan Goodspeed:

After being born on the island he was taken on the sub that was leaving the island because of the incident. Either he went back and to the island again is unknown but he eventually becomes a doctor in LA, wonder if him and Jack are buds now?  Any who, he is Claire's baby doctor again just like on the island!

Charlie Pace:

Swallowed a bag of heroin and it blocked his air passage on Oceanic 815. Jack, Sayid, and Cindy help get it out and revive Charlie. He is now in an LA jail holding tightly to his soap.

 Detective James Ford:

That's right, the bad ass con man is now a bad ass man of the law. James' father still kills himself and his wife because she had an affair with con man "Anthony Cooper" (Locke's father) when James was 9 years old. He obsessed over killing Anthony Cooper his whole adolescence and it started to consume him. He decided that he could either become a criminal and hang with the seedy underbelly trying to find his enemy but realized that that path just led him to become the man he hated. He decides instead to become a detective and  use the resources of the police to find the man instead and kill him off the books. Sawyer goes to Australia on a false lead on Anthony Cooper. He tries to help Cindy when Charlie was choking but it wasn't time yet in the story to reveal he was a cop so he didn't say much else than "Whats the dealio, ho?" he also lets Kate go from the police even though he clearly sees she has handcuffs on. Wonder if he knows about her and wanted to chase her himself? Well either way he got that wish because last we see of them is him apprehending her on the streets of LA after she w recklessly crashes into his car while on a chase from the cops. When James comes back to the States he lies to Miles about going to Australia, and although he is a great liar, Miles knows a bullshitter when he sees one. Miles confronts him about it and even though James has never been able to let anyone into this dark secret of his, blowing up on Charlette the night before Miles' confrontation made him realize that this darkness was going to lead to him dying with no one special in his life. James decides to tell Miles his secret just before Kate smashes into his car.

Miles Straume 

Not much other than him being Ford's partner in the sideways just like they were security in the Dharma Initiative for 3 years in the original timeline. He mentions that his father works with Charlette in a museum, hopefully more on that later?

Jack Shepard:

Jack still has deep seeded issues with living under his fathers shadow. He also is similarly returning from Australia after looking for his father and finding that he died. The difference is, this time his fathers death makes him realize how much he loves his son, David. Yes, now Jack is a father. Jack starts off the sideways by drinking some alcohol and going to the bathroom. In there we see that he has some blood on his neck. When he gets back he notices that Desmond is sitting in his row, they introduce themselves and that's about all we see of Desmond all of the first half of this season :-(. After the plane lands Jack is informed that the airline has misplaced his fathers coffin. He meets John Locke who had his knife collection misplaced by the airport (silly Oceanic)and offers him a business card and a free consult to check up on his spine. Later Jack helps his mom find Christian Shepard's will. In it they find out that Claire Littleton exists and that she is Jack's half-sister. From all of this reflection on his father, Jack realized that he was doing the same thing to his own son. He goes to his sons awesome candidate piano recital thing and tells his son that no matter what, even if he fails, that Jack will always love him. Something he was waiting his whole life for his own father to tell him.

John Locke:

John still went to Australia to go on the walkabout because he wanted to feel he can do anything he wanted, even if it was unrealistic because he is paralyzed. The difference is that he returns to LA to Helen whom he is soon marrying. He is also inviting his father, Anthony Cooper (AKA Tom Sawyer), to his wedding, since he is still in John's life I am assuming that he conned John into taking his kidney, the surgery went badly and John became paralyzed, and Anthony decided he may get some more use out of John. Locke gets laid off from his job because he went to Australia instead of some conference he was supposed to be going to. He meets Hurley who owns the company John used to work for and many other companies. Hurley refers John to Rose to secure him another job. Rose tells John of her terminal cancer and he is inspired to accept his disability. She helps him get a position as a substitute teacher at a local high school. Here he meets Ben Linus, who is a teacher at the school. He suggests to Ben that he try and take over the position of principal of the school and later gets run over by Desmond in the school's parking lot.

Ben Linus:

Ben was shot by Sayid as a little boy. The others took him to the spring in the temple to heal him. After the incident occurs he finds his way back to his father while waiting to become one of the hostiles. During this time they leave the island and Ben becomes a teacher at a high school. Ben still lives with his father who is on a respirator. Ben decides to try and take the position of the principal of the high school when Alex informs him of an affair between the school nurse and the principal. He is the History Club leader and Alex is in the club. She asks for a letter of recommendation from the principal and knowing of Ben's fatherly/teacherly affection for Alex uses it to flight back at Ben. This parallels the decision Ben had to make in season 4 when he had to decide between his own power plays and his daughter's life. This time he chooses Alex and steps down from the argument, although he still works at the school which has to be really awkward.


They get caught up by LA X TSA because Jin has a lot of cash on him. Sun says "No. English." and generally its a bad scene lol. After the "man" takes away Jin's cash, he goes all crazy about a meeting he missed. We find out that Sun and Jin are secretly together but not married and that Jin works for her father, supposedly to gain his approval. Well, unfortunately for Jin, the money he was carrying was actually payment for Keamy to pop his ass. Keamy and Omar come to the hotel and take Jin to a restaurant while Mikhail (WOOT!) takes Sun to get some cash money from the bank. When they get back they find everyone dead and Jin pops Mikhail in the eye (WOOT!) but not before he gets a shot off at Sun, who reveals to Jin that she is pregnant. Does this mean Jin is not infertile in the sideways?? I wonder if Sun flashed to the island storyline after getting shot and saw the love she has for Jin and all the mistakes she made in their marriage.

Sayid Jarrah:

Sayid is still an ex torturer of the Republican Guard and still has the hots for Nadia, although she is married to his brother Omar and has two children with him. Sayid is asked by his brother to take care of some fools who are threatening Omar for money he owes them. Sayid says hells naw I don't do that shit anymore. Omar gets pwned the next day and Sayid gets picked up by the men. They end up being Keamy and some other people from the freighter in season 4. Sayid is too kick ass for them though and kills everyone, later discovering Jin in the freezer.


Desmond is Charles Widmore's right hand man in the sideways. Once he arrives in LA from 815 he is tasked with getting Charlie out of jail for a special event Daniel Widmore was putting together with Drive Shaft. Charlie explains to Desmond that when he almost died on the plane he flashed to the other timeline and saw "true love" in the form of Claire. If we recall, Charlie decided that meeting Claire was the number 1 greatest moment of his entire life. Charlie  goes crazy and causes a car accident where Desmond and Charlie end up submerged in water, this similar scenario caused Desmond to flash to the regular timeline. While in the hospital Desmond undergoes an MRI, the magnetic energy caused him to remember the love of Penny and his son and the perfect "happily ever after" life he should have had. Later Charles tells Desmond that he has to face Eloise Widmore's wrath because Charlie does not want to do the event. There Eloise pretends to meet Desmond for the first time, although she is clearly startled when she first sees him. She hears that he knows Penny and tells him to STOP LOOKING FOR HER. She tells him he is not ready yet and he is creeped out along with the rest of us. As he is leaving he meets Daniel Widmore (Faraday) who lets Desmond know that he too saw the island timeline after he saw Charlotte in the museum she works at. He explains that in another life they used the energy of a nuclear blast to alter time and caused the sideways world to happen. After this Daniel tells Desmond where his half sister, Penny, is  and Desmond goes to meet her. As soon as he makes physical contact with his constant he wakes back up in the island storyline. Now in both timelines Desmond has had "flashes before his eyes" about the other timeline and he now has no fear of death. He knows that he has to negate one timeline and preserve the other, and either way if he dies he will live on in the other timeline. In the sideways he asks to get the manifest of Oceanic 815 so he can show the passengers the island timeline. He goes to Hurley first and suggests that Hurley follow his gut instinct about Libby. Later he goes to the school where Ben and John teach and runs over John Locke with his car.

Hugo Reyes:

Hugo is still super rich and very well respected in the world but unfortunantly is afraid to let a woman into his life. His mother sets him up on a blind date that never shows. Ironicly, however, Libby sees him at the restaurant and tells him that she remembers the island storyline. Hurley notices as Libby leaves that she is a patient at Santa Rosa Mental Hospital and chalks her up to be a loony, something he has struggled with his whole life in the island timeline. He goes to eat tons of chicken and meets Desmond who suggests he follow his heart and go talk to Libby. We find out that money buys everything and that Libby was at the mental institution voluntarily (this is prob why she was there in the island storyline as well). Hurley and Libby go on the date that they never got to have and after an electrifying kiss Hurley begins to remember the island.

OK BACK TO REALITY, Island time, late 2007.

Jughead goes off and Juliet dies in Jame's arms. The 77ers follow Hurley's lead to the temple to try and save Sayid before he bleeds out. At the temple they are almost shot by the Temple Others until Hurley announces that they were sent by Jacob through time and that he had a guitar case that Jacob gave him. The case apparently contained a list with their names on it. The Temple Others bring Sayid to a spring inside of the temple and try to revive him in it, the spring is malfunctioning though and it does not work. Sayid dies and stays that way for about two hours before he wakes up. Everyone freaks out because this shit does not happen every day. The others have a test to make sure that Sayid was claimed by the smoke monster and determine that he was. They ask Jack to take a leap of faith and kill Sayid with poison. Jack does not give Sayid the poison but is distraught to find out that his sister Claire was also claimed by the smoke monster around the time they left the island in early 2005. Especially since he was helping Kate raise Claire's son Aaron for the last 3 years and almost became Aaron's stepfather.

(Jack being a bad ass)

Meanwhile Sawyer leaves the temple because he hates the world after Juliet's death. He goes to the Dharma Barracks to find the engagement ring he was going to give to Juliet. Kate and Jin follow him to make sure he is OK and on the side hopefully find Claire and Sun. Kate meets up with Sawyer and they have a heartfelt chat on the dock. He tells Kate to fuck off and that he is on his own now and goes back to the Barracks to get super drunk off his ass. Kate decides to focus on finding Claire. While she does this, Jin ends up in one of Claire's bear traps and gets tended to by her. Claire has been crazy and claimed by the smoke monster for 3 years and has a dead squirrel baby. She fixes Jin up but he is a bit disabled for the time being and cannot continue to search for Sun until his leg is healed (which luckily will take a day or so on this island).

(Sawyer realizes that he was meant to be alone)

On the other side of the island, Ben just killed Jacob and finds out that he was manipulated by the smoke monster who is taking the form of John Locke. Smokie kills most of Jacob's bodyguards, beats up Richard and goes off to start recruiting people to his side. Illana, Frank, Ben and Sun decide to bury the real John Locke and head over to the temple. He ties up Richard (probably after making him kill the Ajira passengers and goes after drunk Sawyer. Once he sees that Sawyer will be easy to manipulate he sets Richard free. He gets Sawyer to follow him and on the way they see a little blond boy running through the jungle. They go to a cave on the side of a cliff where Smokie shows James that he is one of 360 candidates to replace Jacob for protecting the island. He says that James has 3 choices and James decides that he wants to leave the island with Smokie.

 (Smokie's cliff side cave)

Sayid learns that the others were trying to get Jack to kill him so he ends up fighting Dogan. Dogan almost kills Sayid but instead tasks him with killing Smokie. Sayid sets off in the jungle to kill Smokie but since he is claimed by Smokie he quickly ended up on the other side. He goes back to the temple to warn everyone to either join Smokie or die. Also, Sayid kills Dogan and his translator for fun because Sayid is now also soulless and crazy like Claire.

(Hurley takes charge)

Hurley sees Jacob's ghost in the temple and is asked to bring Jack to a lighthouse. They leave the temple and on the way tell Kate to go back to the temple because Claire is crazy. At the lighthouse Jack finds out that Jacob has been watching him and 360 other people their whole lives and manipulating them to end up on the island. He smashes the mystical mirrors of the lighthouse and ponders the purpose of his life.

(Jack sees his childhood home in Jacob's mirror)

At the temple Smokie goes midevil on everyone's ass.

Ilana, Frank, Sun, and Ben arrive at the same time and rescue Miles. Kate ends up going with Smokie because Claire and Sayid are on his side. She finds that Sawyer and Jin are also with the smoke monster, although they both insist that they are not on his side.

Ilana and co. go to the original beach that the survivors lived at at the beginning of the series and she ties up Ben and makes him start digging his own grave because Miles told her that Ben killed Jacob. He is set free by Smokie who tells Ben to meet his crew over at Hydra island. Ben runs away and grabs a gun to show Ilana that even though he could harm her, he would rather explain how he and her are very much alike. She forgives him and they head back to the beach.

(The guys find time to chill out and ponder the mysteries of life, death, and destiny at the Black Rock)

Richard crosses paths with Hurley and Jack and brings them to the Black Rock. He asks Jack to light some dynamite for him because he cannot kill himself. Jack takes this opportunity to prove to Richard that he has enough faith to believe that he also cannot kill himself because he is has a higher purpose in life. After this they meet up with everyone at the beach and the rest of the 77ers finally meet back up with the 07ers (except for poor Sun and Jin). Ilana tells them that she was brought to the island by Jacob to protect them because they are candidates to replace him. Richard flips out and says that they are all dead because he now completely believes that Jacob was a liar and he goes off to tell Smokie that he changed his mind and wants to be on his side. Hurley catches up to Richard and tells him that his dead lover wants him to stop the man in black from leaving the island, not to join him. Richard comes back to the beach with a sense of purpose and tells everyone that they have to destroy the Ajira flight to stop Smokie from leaving. Sun hates this idea because she and Jin will not be able to leave the island if they destroyed the plane.

(Sawyer does some recon)

Smokie gets Sawyer to do some reconnaissance on Hydra island and Sawyer finds out that Charles Widmore found his way back to the island. Charles' science team has set up a sonic fence around the smaller island to keep smokie out. Sawyer makes a deal with both Charles and Smokie behind their backs so that he and Kate and anyone else he cares about can leave the island and stay on the sidelines of the war untouched. When he gets back he tells Kate that they are going to take the sub off the island.

(Kate and Smokie catching the view of Hydra island)

While Sawyer was on Hydra island Smokie explains Claire's predicament to Kate and tells her that he too had a crazy mother. Claire tries to kill Kate then apologizes a few hours later, she is clearly unstable. Claire overhears Smokie telling Jin about the candidates and asks if she is one. After explaining to her that although she isn't a candidate, he still needs Claire, he tells her that he also needs Kate but only to get the other candidates on the Ajira flight, after which "whatever happens, happens". So many people are playing both sides that its hard to keep up!

Smokie leaves to try and recruit Sun but she runs away from him and hits her head, loosing the ability to speak English. Charles' science team knocks out all of Smokies crew and takes Jin to Hydra island so he can confirm that there are 3 special EM pockets of energy on the island. When Smokie returns he asks Sayid his favorite new line "what happened?". He gets Sayid to go with him to Hydra island to learn what Charles brought with him and take it back.

(There are 3 special pockets of electromagnetic energy on the island)

Charles' group show Jin that they brought back Desmond to destroy the other two pockets of energy left on the island (Desmond already destroyed one, the swan station fail safe). They run a test on Desmond where they put him in between a huge burst of electromagnetic energy to see if he can survive it again, this is when he has a flash to his sideways self and becomes an even more all knowing awesome guy. When the test is over he tells Charles he will do whatever he was meant to do. On the way off Hydra island Sayid kills Desmond's captors and asks Desmond to follow him. Desmond willingly follows suit.

(Desmond getting put through another catastrophic electromagnetic event)

Sayid takes Desmond back to the main island and ties him up. He brings over Smokie and they all have a chat. Smokie, knowing that Desmond is a strong force against him, throws Desmond into one of the wells on the island to take him out of the equation. He is so close to leaving the island and has to tie up loose ends.

(Desmond and Smokie at one of the wells on the island)

Ilana goes to the Black Rock and picks up some dynamite to blow up the Ajira flight. Unfortunately for her, she is an idiot and swings the dynamite around, THROWS two water bottles on top of the dynamite then DROPS the dynamite on the ground. Woman really are crazy lol. She goes the way of Dr. Artz and Hurley tells the group that they should go and gather more dynamite. For the first time ever, Hurley gets to the destination before everyone else in the group and blows the Black Rock to hell. He then tells the group that they should all go and talk to the smoke monster. Richard, Ben, and Miles decide that they would rather go to Hydra island and try to stop Smokie from leaving the island by destroying the cockpit of the plane. This leaves Hurley, Jack, Sun, and Frank to go and meet up with Smokie's group and they all have a nice little reunion.

Thoughts and hopes for the future:

Where is "The Elizabeth", Desmond's boat, that crashed on the island in 2001? I wonder if it will be reintroduced.

I REALLY hope that the third pocket of EM energy is related to the volcano. How amazing would it be to have some epic scenes at the volcano in the final episodes?

They really have to explain how Charles and Eloise seem to know everything and exactly what their motives are because it is unclear at this point. It does seem like Charles wants Desmond to destroy the current timeline where his son died for the island and he cannot be a part of Penny and Charlie's life. In the sideways, Charles has a relationship with both of his children and life just plain seems better off.  This will most likely be Desmond's sacrifice, destroy the timeline where he is in love with Penny and they have a child together for the timeline where they are not together. Desmond is more than likely in the state he is in at the end of "Happily Ever After"

I cannot wait to see the outrigger scene from season 5 flesh out. Looks like they set it up in Everybody Loves Hugo, when Hurley's group leave the beach Daniel Faraday's time traveling group are at the beach and find the two outriggers. By the time Richard, Miles and Ben get back to the beach they will see that one of the outriggers is gone and they will consider the people on it to be hostile and start shooting at it. This leaves 3 scenarios that can play out from Juliet shooting one of them: 1. Ben gets shot and Juliet gets her revenge on the man that brought her to the island and was so obsessed with her that he destroyed the man she loved. 2. Richard gets shot and Juliet kills the man who physically recruited her to the island. 3. Miles gets shot and its mind blowing to think that Miles is also in front of Juliet on the other outrigger.

Looks to me like Desmond hit John in order to get him to the hospital where he knows Jack is waiting. Perhaps this will put John under Jack's knife in the flashsideways.

I believe that the blond boy we have seen twice now is Jacob aging quickly and by a few episodes from now he will be fully grown. This most likely is all part of Jacob's plan that he had that INCLUDED him dying. This will probably lead into the series finale. I wonder why certain people cannot see him while others cannot.

I want some Christian Shepard action already!

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