Wednesday, January 2, 2013

The best live experiences I had in 2012 (5-1)


Happy New Year everyone! Here are my top 5 live music experiences of 2012, enjoy!

5. Drake/Kendrick Lamar/A$AP Rocky 3/10 (San Jose State University Event Center, San Jose, CA)

This was my 26th birthday present from my brother who attended the show with me. We went early because the show was sold out and we had scalped tickets and wanted to get up front. Once the doors opened however, the line turned into a stampede and the whole crowd broke through barricades to get past the ticket guys to the front of the stage. Bitches were even starting physical fights in the crowd before the artists would come on. By the time A$AP Rocky was on stage he was throwing beer at people on the sides of the stage and shit. What a wild concert. It is also great to see now how this tour was kind of the push off for Kendrick and A$AP in the public eye before they both blew up later in the year. This was a concert both my brother and I agreed was one of the best and most memorable we have ever attended.

4. The Flaming Lips performing "The Soft Bulletin" 2/21 (Bimbo's 365 Club, San Francisco, CA)

The Soft Bulletin was one of the best albums I had ever heard back in 2004 and still is one of my favorite albums to this day. It was also a large motivating part of getting me to my first Coachella back then. Unfortunately, at the Flaming Lips 2004 Coachella set they only ended up playing 4 songs, two of witch were on The Soft Bulletin. (Race for the Prize and The Gash). Earlier this year I had the dream pleasure of seeing The Flaming Lips performing one of my favorite albums of all time right in front of my face in it's entirety! I was the only one of my friends who got in so I made sure to have my flip camera recording the whole show, view it all here:

3. & 2. Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival 4/13-4/15 & 4/20-4/22 (Empire Polo Club, Indio, CA)

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1. Holy Ship! 1/6-1/9 (Bahamas)

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