Monday, February 1, 2010

New goodies

There is a reason I titled this blog the way I did. Since I could remember I have been a collector; whether it be rocks, Goosebump books, or Buffy Magazine I had to have it. More recently however my interests have expanded to DVD/Blu Rays, Video Games, and other random collectibles. Here are a few things I have picked up in the last two months.

Video Games:


DJ Hero- This game is a blast! Every time I play it I have a huge smile on my face and tend to dance around the whole time. The mixes are outstanding all throughout the game and the gameplay is challenging yet not too frustrating. The only bad about DJ Hero comes with the fact that it plays as if noone tested the game before they put it out. They only give 60 seconds to choose a set list of 8 songs online and the menus are horrid. Luckily the game itself is good enough to get past these things, here's hoping they improve it even more next time around!

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2- I got this game during finals week so I did not have much time to put on it. Thus I went straight to the online gameplay because I could easily go into a few online matches and turn it off. I don't know if I will ever get to the single player mode for this game but I hear from everyone how amazing it is. Online however is a ton of fun. Most of my friends who have PS3's do nothing but play CoD online all day and have trouble sleeping because of how worried they are about their kill to death ratio's :-P.

Beatles Rock Band- Its the Beatles. Every song is one of the greatest songs ever. Buy it.

Tekken 6- So far I have really loved this update to the Tekken series. It has taken me some time to get used to some of the new moves and changes to my original combos, specifically with Lilly, but I am getting the hang of it. I love the new characters and especially love the new levels. Tekken = Win.

MAG- I was obsessed with this game when I got to play the beta version a few months ago. Luckily for my grades though, they only allowed the beta to be played at certain times of the day and not on weekends. Needless to say, the day after I bought the full game I did nothing but play. This game is the friggin shiznit! There is so much to do at all times and it only gets better as you level up and become Squad Leader, Platoon Leader, or Commander in Charge of 128 people! I personally love getting in the thick of it and reviving my team like crazy while getting a few shots out. It is also a ton of fun trying to repair your teams defenses if you are playing defending.


I got a beautiful new black Wiimote that looks like a bondage sex toy or something haha

The New Super Mario Bros.- Can't go wrong with 4 player Mario now can you!


I have been looking for Daft Punk's Discovery on vinyl for over 4 years now. I always look in the back of Tower Records and Dimple (Obviously I did not look on ebay or else I would have gotten it a while ago lol). A few days ago I randomly looked through the records section of Dimple in my futile attempt to pick up Discovery. Of course, it was not there but I found Riddlebox by ICP and just had to have it. I went to pay for it and after the guy told me I had enough points to get half off of Riddlebox I mentioned my attempt at finding a Daft Punk vinyl every time I go there and he looked it up for me. Apparently they have a tiny section labeled "Dance" and it was hidden in there in all of its unwrapped glory! Unfortunately, after all of this work, I was still denied a Daft Club card :-(

DVD/Blu Ray:

I have kept up on my obsession of LOST by buying every format available....yes I am that lame! :-)

I also got Flight Club on Blu Ray recently, I have been somewhat slacking on my movie buying these days.

Other stuff I am collecting:

Dan McCarthy for "Rousseau's Transmission"

Tim Doyle for "Hurley's Curse"


Methane Studios for "The Dharma Van"


Leia Bell for "The Love Triangle"

Last but not least I finally got Ben Linus and LOST back from Aaron Bros!

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