Thursday, January 14, 2010

Main picture

Lottery Ticket asked me about my main picture so I thought I would make a brief post about it.

It was from the second time I saw Daft Punk in 2007. The first time I saw them was when they played for the first time in 9 years at the Coachella Music and Arts Festival in 2006, a set that ended up being the best hour and fifteen minutes of my life. I remember telling my friends after that show that I probably would not ever be that happy again untill perhaps seeing my first born child for the first time. :-)

After Coachella, Daft Punk did a tour they called "Alive 2007" with a new track and an encore added to the set (plus the addition of the repeating "FUCK IT" on the screen during "Technologic"). Chris, Andy, and I went to the LA show and the rest of my friends went to the Berkley show. Bryce was in LA at the time so we met up with him there. Here are a few of the pics I took:



To prove that the first time I saw Daft Punk in 2006 was the best time of my life, here is a picture of me during it:

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  1. OMG. What more can I say . . . That's a great photo. Drag that out to the grandkids some day!